Participate in the public offering in the run-up to the direct listing of Choice NV.

Become a co-owner of the future of watching television!

Buy Units at €250 each through this exclusive public offer. Each Unit represents one share of Choice coop CV and 25 shares of Choice NV before the start of the listing of Choice NV. Investing is not without risks, read the information note.

Unique business model

Choice is a free personal TV guide that lets you quickly and easily choose what really interests you from the overwhelming range of video and TV programmes on offer online. You can then view your choice whenever and wherever you want.

You can also take advantage of the group discounts that Choice negotiates for its members. To do so, exchange the coupon / e-voucher, which each Unit automatically generates per month. You can sell your remaining Units to consumers who have too few, on the website..

Attractive investment instrument

Investors in Units can thus reap cash returns of up to €2.5 or 1% per month, on top of the potential upside of investing early in a Consumer Tech company.

Limited offer of shares

This public placement amounts to a maximum of €5 million (the legal ceiling) and will continue for a maximum of 2 months after the start of the listing of Choice NV. Over-subscription is not possible.


The investor runs the risk of losing all or part of his investment and/or not achieving the expected return. Choice nv does not have sufficient working capital to carry out all its plans without using the additional resources made available by this placement.

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